quick wins

If the investment community were in charge of the evolution of reporting, what would they change? The participants in the global CRUF community have been talking at some length about the usefulness of reporting today. Through our discussions, we have identified a number of areas where financial statements are not meeting the needs of the capital markets. Some of the topics highlighted through the CRUF’s debates would require a fundamental review of existing accounting standards. However, a number of the most commonly cited frustrations could be resolved today through voluntary disclosure by companies.

Here we highlight the CRUF’s most commonly cited “quick wins”. The intention is to focus on the pragmatic rather than rehearse conceptual debates. We hope that areas identified could be addressed by most companies without significant incremental cost. However, the CRUF recognises that this will not be universally true. Similarly, we recognise that there will be companies for which elements of this list will not be relevant. And so the CRUF wishes to stress that we do not wish companies to view this as yet another checklist; our ambition is simply to offer some feedback on the effectiveness of some areas of corporate reporting today

Quick Win


Why segmental information is important to the CRUF

Quick Win

Cash flows

Why cash flow information is important to the CRUF

Quick Win


Why M&A information is important to the CRUF

Quick Win

Key Performance Indicators

Why KPIs are important to the CRUF

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