Testimonials - CRUF

What CRUF participants say

“Participating in CRUF gave me opportunities to interact with people I wouldn’t normally come into contact with. The relationships developed may open doors you wouldn’t have expected.”

Former CRUF participant and IASB member, UK

“I enjoy my engagement with CRUF participants, particularly when we are developing practical solutions in an imperfect world.”

CRUF participant, UK

“Knowing what standard setters are thinking of changing gives me an edge.”

CRUF participant, Canada

“I like to know what accounting changes preparers are lobbying for or against, so I can monitor where earnings management issues may arise.”

CRUF participant, Japan

“I joined CRUF to get a summary of upcoming financial reporting changes that could affect the companies I analyse. I stay involved because the access to FASB and IASB decision makers allows me to have a voice in future changes.”

CRUF participant, USA

“As an analyst, I find CRUF to be a great forum to reinforce to accounting standard setters what we are using financial statements for.”

CRUF participant, Australia

“The CRUF empowers users with an avenue to shape and influence the information they receive. It also provides a conduit for those in the investor community to become more involved as volunteers with standard setting and regulatory processes. We have strong relationships with standard setters and regulators – and they listen to our views. The CRUF network therefore provides a valuable user-oriented channel to make sure investor voices are heard and can influence.”
“The CRUF gives me an understanding of the standard setting process as well as influencing that process. It has helped with advanced warning on rule changes and changes to guidance for companies. I also have a better understanding of the workings of the accounting and audit processes.”

CRUF participant, UK

“The CRUF provides a unique opportunity to participate in the global accounting standard setting process through rigorous discussions with colleagues around the world. It is challenging but all the more worth doing because we are able to provide standard setters with indispensable input for improving the information available to financial statement users.”

CRUF participant, Japan

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